Yoga Workshop, Keswick Ontario

After attending the November 28 event in Toronto, SAFER was approached by a volunteer who was moved by the ongoing violence in the DRC and wanted to help. As a result, the Four Directions Yoga Studio in Keswick, Ontario had a yoga workshop on March 15, 2009, and is donating the proceeds to help SAFER help the women of the DRC.


One response to “Yoga Workshop, Keswick Ontario

  1. Paola di Paolo is the volunteer who organized this successful event. I wanted to know how the Yoga workshop went, and this is how she described it:

    “At the fundraiser we practiced yoga and sitting meditation being aware that our own aggression, unstudied selves can contribute to violence in the world. We practiced silent sitting, observing our reactions to our breath, ourselves, to our memories, and thoughts. Our practice was to reduce violence in ourselves and hopefully in our communities”

    Paola started participating in yoga 25 years ago to try to bring more nonviolence into the world. And realized, that to do that, she had to bring more nonviolence into herself.

    Thank you Paola for your efforts in raising awareness to end sexual violence against women.

    Faith Delos-Reyes
    Fundraising Advisor, SAFER

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