Transport Campaign, Vancouver British Columbia

A volunteer from SAWA Global was inspired to do something for the women of the DRC and contacted SAFER to find out if she could help. At that time, we needed funds to cover the cost of transporting medical supplies, since we had previously been fundraising for supplies only. Thanks to this initiative, which involved a letter-writing campaign in her local community, SAFER received much-needed assistance in reaching our goal, and we successfully transpoted the supplies in June, 2008.

Shipment #3: Summer 2008

The third and largest shipment of medical supplies was successfully delivered in June, amounting to over $20,000 CAD worth of material. Items obtained from the Panzi Hospital Wish List included: sutures, arterial clamps, tissue clamps, forceps, dissection scissors, epidural kits, laryngoscopes, ureteral catheters, specula, knife handles, and two pulse oximeters.


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