Dog Wash, Savannah Georgia

  1. dog-wash-flyer1


One response to “Dog Wash, Savannah Georgia

  1. Another successful fundraiser by Piera and her volunteer team. This is what Piera had to say about the event:

    With 11 volunteers that day, we had a wonderful time, thanks to Johnny the Dog, who donated the costume rental, and reeled in people from Abercorn Street. Honk, after honk, from the cars passing by, we had many dogs to clean. Melissa donated the dog booths and Nicole was our proud spokesperson who convinced many people to have their dog washed. Thanks to Amanda, our on-site chef and dog groomer, dogs were cleaned and the volunteers were fed. Poor Jennifer, we gave her the BIG dogs to wash, while Fatima washed the dirtiest one, and she did an awesome job. Lucy and Stephanie had their hands full with several Great Danes and Poodles with protective parents. All and all we had a great time, and more importantly it was for a great cause!

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