Your fundraisers

As Dr. Mukwege said during his visit to Toronto in November 28, 2008: Everyone can do something to put an end to this humanitarian catastrophe.

SAFER’s ability to help the Panzi Hospital stems from people around the world who initiate fundraisers in their community on behalf of Dr. Mukwege and the thousands of women he treats. This space is for our volunteers to share the stories about their own event–how it got started, what were some of the challenges and outcomes, and anything else that comes to mind. Through your comments we hope to connect those in our network and inspire others into action.

Since the early days of SAFER, we have seen time and again the power that moves people into action when they become aware of the enormity and scale of sexual violence occuring in the DRC. And every bit adds up. Raising $1000, for example, translates into roughly enough sutures for 120 surgeries.

As volunteers are free to come up with their own campaign for the Panzi Hospital, SAFER does not officially endorse any event, but we allow a mechanism to channel donations directly to the Panzi Hospital (see SAFER’s 100% Policy). Here is an ongoing list of fundraisers–please find yours and share your experience!


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