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South Kivu women’s media association (AFEM)

I just found out about AFEM, a non-profit organization of women journalists from South Kivu  created in 2003 “to promote women’s rights and development through media”. Their activities to date include:

  • reporting on sexual violence in Walungu, Kabere and Uvira territories
  • campaigning against the media’s silence on sexual violence
  • educating rural women on the importance of local elections
  • providing media coverage for NGOs and companies

The most recent post was an announcement for the May 13 hearing in the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations: Confronting Rape and Other Forms of Violence Against Women in Conflict Zones. Spotlight: DRC and Sudan.

Not surprisingly, I haven’t found information about this hearing in the mainstream media, but in blogs, websites, Facebook, and even Twitter (e.g. The Enough Project, Vital Voices (Facebook/blog), Danine Spencer (Twitter))…There are more things in alternative media than are dreamt of in editorial offices...

I will keep looking for follow-ups of this hearing.



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