Letters from Bukavu

This page is a space for the women and girls of the DRC to  interact among themselves and the rest of the world, and to add their voices to the global conversation.

We will encourage women to submit letters to share their perspective, express their opinions, present their own solutions and assessments, and play an active role in decisions that affect their lives.

Note that we wish to separate financial aid from social and political discussion. For this reason, this is not a forum for donating to or sponsoring women–for this, please visit established agencies with experience in these activities, such as Women for Women International. Our aim is to give women of the DRC the opportunity to openly express themselves and not to solicit funds. This can give them the freedom to write critically without the risk of jeopardizing future social, financial or medical support.

All letters will be anonymized to protect the identity of the writer.

Your comments are welcome and for authors who do not have internet access,  a hardcopy will be sent to them via their women’s centre coordinator.


4 responses to “Letters from Bukavu

  1. Bill Sparks

    Thanks for this.

    Is the Toronto meeting with Esther open to the public. If so can you let me know dates.
    Are you in touch with SLF on DRC VAW issues? and Betty Makoni of GCN Worldwide?

    best wishes

  2. Margaret Zondo

    Your inner strength and resilience is an awesome inspiration to all women alike and men. We condemn any form of violence against women and girls and will not stop making our voices heard until governments, society and the world realizes that by inflicting violence on women and girls, they are destroying the earth. Please know that you are worthy, loved and prayed for by all of us who highlight your plight at every opportunity. Remain strong and focused. Education will set you free. We hope that you are getting all the support raising your son and furthering your education. Peace and grace to you.

  3. janet

    It is with great sadness to hear of your journey, which unforntately has taken you to places that you should of never had to go…
    It my wish for you and your son, that those who are helping you bring you joy and happiness. May you realize that others care so much, even though we are many miles apart.
    I have endeavoured to do my advocacy work for over ten years…and sometimes i feel the extreme need to stop. But it is my intent to continue to make change, where change is needed, to raise my voice for women and their children, when they have none. From Canada a Special Greeting to you
    and May God Bless wherever your journey takes you.
    best regards to you my Sister
    and a special hug to your young son

  4. Carmen

    Maybe we can not image the reason why you are suffering so much, I think you can’t either. I’ m impressed by your strech and I will go to try to help you.
    I hope tgat pace comes to you soon

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