Who we are

We are SAFER, a 100% volunteer-based organization founded in Canada that was created in response to the acute health care needs of hundreds of thousands of sexual violence survivors in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Since SAFER’s inception in November 2004, we have focussed on purchasing and transporting urgently needed medical supplies to the Panzi Hospital in Bukavu, South Kivu province. The hospital relies completely on external funding, and, even though it is running at maximum capacity, it is nowhere near able to handle the medical needs of the province’s rape survivors. The UNFPA, the agency coordinating efforts against sexual violence in the country, estimated in 2009 that 200,000 Congolese women and girls had become victims of sexual violence since 1998 [1].

SAFER uses 100% of all donations for the purchase and transport of medical supplies.

Contact us: info@saferworld.ca

1. 2009 Human Rights Report in DRC by the US Department of State


3 responses to “Who we are

  1. Kelly Rico

    How could one contact your organization directly?

    I am currently initiating a proposal for programming in Restorative Justice for the DR Congo and would be very interested in sharing

    Thank you,

    Kelly Rico

  2. angie nydam

    Educating myself on the Congo would like to read new posts. Thanx

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