South Kivu women’s media association (AFEM)

I just found out about AFEM, a non-profit organization of women journalists from South Kivu  created in 2003 “to promote women’s rights and development through media”. Their activities to date include:

  • reporting on sexual violence in Walungu, Kabere and Uvira territories
  • campaigning against the media’s silence on sexual violence
  • educating rural women on the importance of local elections
  • providing media coverage for NGOs and companies

The most recent post was an announcement for the May 13 hearing in the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations: Confronting Rape and Other Forms of Violence Against Women in Conflict Zones. Spotlight: DRC and Sudan.

Not surprisingly, I haven’t found information about this hearing in the mainstream media, but in blogs, websites, Facebook, and even Twitter (e.g. The Enough Project, Vital Voices (Facebook/blog), Danine Spencer (Twitter))…There are more things in alternative media than are dreamt of in editorial offices...

I will keep looking for follow-ups of this hearing.



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2 responses to “South Kivu women’s media association (AFEM)

  1. Faith Delos-Reyes

    Check out this segment on CBC News: Our World, it’s called Africa’s Killing Fields, featuring Darfur and DRC.

  2. I wish to thank AFEM for the good work you are doing to train women journalists so that they report on the horror of rape in D R Congo and hopefully get attention and subsequent assistance in terms of resources and skills to help women and girls be able to prevent and protect themselves from rape.

    WE are an NGO in Kenya providing practical solutions to rape problem through education and training of prevention and self protection strategies. In August 2011 we were in Bukavu and carried a trainers workshop where we trained over 50 trainees in anti rape life skills. these are life skills which have worked and are working in Kenya and can also work in Congo. The trainees were drawn from form Uvira, Bukavu, Ngengesi, Kamanyola,Goma,Bunyakiri etc. and we would very much wish to partner with you so that we can also share with you the strategies and use them to educate women and girls in South Kivu.

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